Graduate Students

NameYearsPost-Doctoral PositionCurrent Position
Ashkaan Younai2007-2011Northwestern University (Scheidt Group)Scientist I, FLX Bio
James Biggs-Houck2007-2011n/aIntel
Michelle Kim2007-2011Emory University (Liotta Group)Postdoctoral Researcher at Emory University (Liotta Group) (2015-present)
AJ Brockway2008-2013UT Southwestern (De Brabander Group)Associate Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry at Nektar Therapeutics
Charles Grove2008-2013Rice University (Nicolaou Group)Process Scientist, AMPAC Fine Chemicals
Nohemy Sorto2008-2013Max-Planck Institute (List Group)Postdoctoral Researcher at Max-Planck Institute (List Group)
Darlene Tan2008-2013n/a
Terrence O'Brien2010-2012n/aGraduate Student at UC Davis (Tantillo and Siegel Groups)
Clarissa Tadeus*2012-2014n/aNovartis
Jared Moore2009-2014California Institute of Technology (Stoltz Group)Postdoctoral Reseracher at California Institute of Technology
(Stoltz Group)
Kevin Martin2009-2014The Scripps Research Institute (Schultz Group)Postdoctoral Researcher at The Scripps Research Institute
(Schultz Group)
Valerie Huynh*2013-2015n/aGilead Sciences
Gabriella Nepomuceno2010-2015n/aCalifornia CCST
Blanka Hodur*2014-2016n/aGilead Sciences
Mike Di Maso2012-2016n/aSenior Scientist, Merck
Carla Saunders2014-2016n/aGraduate Student at UC Davis (Tantillo Group)
Kellan Lamb2012-2017n/aUC Davis Risk and Safety Solutions Group
Andrea Faulkner*2013-2017n/a

*Masters Students


Postdoctoral Researchers

NameYearsCurrent Position
Yuchen Tang2007-2009Independent financial consultant
Marcos González-López2006-2008Senior Scientist I (Medicinal Chemistry), IGNYTA, Inc.
Young Sam Park2008-2010Scientist at Samsung Basic Research
Max Mahoney2010-2013Professor, Sierra College
Cristian Soldi2010-2013Professor,Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina - Campus de Curitibanos
Ed Balmond2014-2016Senior Scientist, Proximagen


Undergraduate Researchers

NameYearsCurrent Position
Greg Chin2007-2009Gilead Sciences
Katherine Hurley2008-2010Graduate Student at UW Madison
Dattesh Dave2008-2009UCSF, Masters in Global Health
Flora Rutaganira2009-2010Graduate Student at UC San Francisco
Ruben Martinez2008-2010Graduate Student at The Scripps Research Institute (Shenvi Group)
Austin Smith2010-2011Associate Chemist, Nanosys
Amy Atherton2010-2012Founder, Amy's Healthy Baking
Francisco Sarabia2012-2013Graduate Student at University of Georgia (Ferreira Group)
Manuel Munoz2012-2013Gilead Sciences
Molly Fensterwald2012-2013Undergraduate Surgical Intern, UC Davis School of Medicine
Katie Chan2012-2014Graduate Student at Cal Tech (Reisman Group)
Luiz Pollo2013-2014Graduate Student at UCSF
Galen Shearn-Nance2013-2015Associate at Novartis (Emeryville)
Zi Yao2014-2015Graduate Student at UC-Irvine
Michael St. Peter2014-2015Associate at Seattle Genomics
Ana Martinho2014-2016Undergraduate Student
Corinne Penrod2016-2017Dow Chemical